Tennis Shoot

The image above uses many techniques to create a successful image. The wet tennis court creates a reflective surface which enhances shadow, the shadows add depth which create multiple points of interest in the photo. The low f/4.5 setting means that the camera is letting in the maximum amount of light as the aperture will be at its widest, the result of this is a sharp focus point, which still allows for progressive blur in terms of depth of field. The line bisecting down the middle of the photo connotes that the player is cautious at crossing the line,  it creates seperation between the player, the tennis ball and the court. A moderately fast shutter speed of 1/300, allows the photo to be well exposed and avoids any motion blur. An ISO setting of 100 keeps the image clarity at its highest, avoiding the grain caused by a higher ISO setting.

The most prominent feature of this photo is the line bisecting down the middle of the photo. This leads the eye from the bottom to the top, creating a point of interest for the viewer.

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