Jill Greenberg

Jill Greenberg (born 1967) is an American photographer, she is best known for her portrait and editorial images. She uses different techniques to create surreal portraits in order to emphasize emotion.

The images are very cleverly shot, which makes the subject appear surreal. The lighting set up creates this effect, it is likely she has used a lighting set-up with two back lights and one main light focused on the face of the subject. This would create the glowing outline which is shown in the pictures. It is then most probably edited to emphasize this effect, by airbrushing the subject. After further research, I have found a diagram of her of set-up (linked to source), it is similar my hypothesis of the lighting set-up, apart from with a third softbox back light and a reflector umbrella on the main light. This explains why there is a powerful glow of light behind the subjects head in each photograph. Additionally this lighting emphasizes the subjects facial expression and skin texture, it is accentuates moisture on the skin.

Greenberg also used manipulation to express political views. The photograph above is the prime example of this, it depicts John McCain who was the republican presidential candidate at the time as a monster. This is likely to be Greenberg’s attempt at showing her opinion on his political views. Also, creating negative press against McCain.

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