Portrait Photography

In this photo I have used vibrant colours with soft lighting, in order to create multiples points of interest for the audience. I have also broken a convention in the way the subject is framed. The conventional way to take this image is to have the subject looking left across the photograph or to frame the subject towards the right. However the subject is framed towards the right and is also looking right, I have done this to place more emphasis on the enigma created, of what she is looking at, as there is now less shown to the right of the frame, while maintaining the audience’s interest in the graffiti on the left.

The subjects acknowledgement of the graffiti is used actively to create interest. The eye line of the subject and the face in the graffiti create a diagonal, which draws the eye of the viewer between the two main focuses of the image.

The facial expression and emotions shown by the subject is the interest point for the audience, the lines used in the background graffiti leads the eye across the photograph toward the subject. The use of the brick work to create texture  is also significant and  gives the image extra depth which increases visual appeal and helps to attract the attention.

This particular image I feel is reminiscent of Cindy Sherman’s work, because of the subjects expression and the way she is looking outwards, towards an unknown object/ person, which creates mystery as to what the subject is looking at. Which makes the audience ponder and want to solve the enigma which is why this image is successful.

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